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Effects of Aeration:

  • Alleviates compaction
  • Promotes new growth (roots and leaves)
  • Helps turf take up water and nutrients more easily
  • Allows for decreased watering and increases drought tolerance

When to Aerate:

  • Aeration can be done anytime the turf is actively growing
  • For best results aerating 2x per year (Spring & Fall) is recommended
  • Aeration is not recommended in the winter (December – February)


  • Sprinklers will be located and flagged prior to work
  • Entire turf area will be aerated with a 21” walk behind aerator 2-3” deep cores will be removed
  • Turf will be passed over a minimum of 3x
  • Sprinklers will be checked to ensure no damage was done during dethatching

Aerating Makes Your Lawn Beautiful!
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